Black Diamond Is an Edgy Take on Knife Blocks

Those looking to make their kitchen countertop a lot more stylish should take a look at Edge of Belgravia’s Black Diamond knife block, which does away with the dull design of these appliances while making room for some edgy lines.

Knife blocks have had a single design for a very long time, so it’s great to see that some designers are experimenting with new ideas. Until now, variety came from the use of different materials for the block itself, but the time has come to change other aspects, as well. Edge of Belgravia, the manufacturer of some of the most futuristically designed knives around, has launched the Black Diamond block to complement its main line of products, and by doing so, it has shown the whole world that knife blocks don’t have to be dull.

The knife block designed by Christian Bird provides room for up to 11 blades, so assuming that you enjoy cooking and spend plenty of time in the kitchen, there shouldn’t be any empty spots left. After all, a good cook knows that you can’t use a single knife for everything.

The manufacturer didn’t mention the material the block is made of, but with such a design, they couldn’t (and shouldn’t) have made a compromise in that department.

There are two concerns related to this particular design. First of all, there is a safety issue coming from the fact that the blades are exposed. Keeping it out of children’s reach would probably be for the best. Another problem, which also derives from the open design, is the amount of dust that could get deposited on the knives. If conventional blocks enable cooks to just grab the knife they need and proceed with their job, owners of the Black Diamond might have to run the blade through the water prior to cutting and slicing.

I enjoy seeing designers who are not afraid of going off the beaten path, as far as their ideas are concerned. In a bland kitchen, conventional knife blocks fit perfectly, but people who care about contemporary design will undoubtedly appreciate the Black Diamond, despite its rather stiff price. Edge of Belgravia offers this knife block for £89.90, the equivalent of approximately $135, which is a bit more than what most people are willing to pay for such a product. What we need to keep in mind here is that this is not a common product and innovative designs often come at a price that not all people can afford.

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