Fully Working LEGO Swiss Army Knife Hits Crowdfunding Website

LEGO bricks are so versatile that you’d think anything besides survival tools can be made from them. Well, from now on, though, you can add Swiss Army Knives to the list, as well.

Robiwan_Kenobi is the artist that should be held responsible for creating white weapons out of LEGO bricks. Relax, I’m just kidding! I appreciate his creativity just as much as any other LEGO fan. I’ve always loved these bricks and I even have a couple of penknives from my grandfather. Even though they aren’t Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, I still like them very much, and not only because of the sentimental value that they have. I’ve been fascinated with how many tools a penknife could incorporate, so I couldn’t skip the chance of covering such a story.

This isn’t the first time Robiwan_Kenobi made a LEGO Swiss Army Knife. The first version saw the light of day in 2010, so Robiwan had three years to perfect that and come with a new design. The good part is that the current model is fully functional, and that the four tools integrated in the LEGO SAK fold just as they would in a real Victorinox penknife. There are certain limitations to what can be done with these tools, considering that applying too much pressure would cause the knife to fall apart. It might be a good idea to take a real knife with you in the woods instead of this one, no matter how cool it is.

In other news, there’s a crowdfunding website called Cuuso made with LEGO sets in mind. Artists are free to submit their designs, and depending on the feedback they get from the public and on the number of people that support the project, the design might become a real LEGO set. Cuuso is currently in beta stage, but its existence gives me hope that one day we’d be able to build at home all of the crazy designs that come out of the heads of LEGO artists.

Kenobi would like to hear two things from the ones who get to see his project: what they think about the LEGO Swiss Army Knife and what tools they would integrate in the final model. I hope this project gets enough backers to be turned into a real set, so that every LEGO addict has his own Swiss Army Knife made from bricks.

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