SipSup Social Drinking Glass Saves the Party’s Best Moments

With the launch of the world’s first social drinking glass, connected glassware is about to become a thing. SipSup won’t share any details about the beverage you’re enjoying, but it will save photos from the attendees’ smartphones.

Mind you, SipSup doesn’t only store the photos, but it also facilitates sharing them to other smartphones. On top of that, the social drinking glass (as its Slovenian developers like to call it) doubles as a photo album, so you can watch the party’s best moments even if your friends are long gone.

The social drinking glass may have been designed by the eponymous startup, but it’s Slovenian glassworks company Steklarna Hrastnik who is manufacturing it. The quality is attested by a Vitrux certificate that guarantees that SipSup is dishwasher safe up to 3,000 times.

I only wish the glass came in different sizes. I’m sure that’s possible, but probably the developers wanted to see first how beer and juice lovers feel about SipSup. I definitely wouldn’t recommend drinking wine or spirits in such a high-capacity glass. After all, this social glass is only dishwasher safe, not shatterproof, something that people might want to test after ingesting such alcoholic drinks.

Since it is a connected device we’re talking about, it has to come with a companion app. According to the developers, the app will be available for both Android and iOS devices (it looks like Windows Phone users are not getting any love, but given the market share of that mobile OS, it’s quite understandable). As for how the glasses connected to smartphones, NFC and visual IDs were used.

SipSup is currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, where its developers are looking to raise $30,000, so that the connected drinking glass makes the jump from a concept to mass production. At the time of writing, backers had pledged $2,104, but there were 31 more days to go, and with some proper support, SipSup could become a reality. The awards range from virtual cheers to SipSup glasses (which cost $22 or $40 for early birds, and $25 or $50 for regular backers, depending on whether you want one or two glasses), to ten customized glasses and a trip to Slovenia to meet the team behind all of this. For that you’d have to spend $4K and get your plane tickets.

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