EDWARD Lets You Take a Ride Upside-Down

There was a time when one needed to feel a little adrenalin pump through the veins, they would go to the amusement park and take a ride on the roller coaster.

However, times have changed and people have begun to use technology to create innovative and cool rides, right in universities and research labs. The latest cool ride comes from a group of students at Adelaide University, Australia, who have just announced the Electric Diwheel With Active Rotation Damping or EDWARD. The vehicle consists of two really large wheels inside which the driver or the rider would be safely fastened with harnesses.

EDWARD is entirely run on electric power and gives a stomach churning ride that you would not be able to forget. While this can’t really be termed as a transportation vehicle, it sure could be used as a fun ride in the backyard or even in a large park, where you could use the vehicle to roll around.

The vehicle can be controlled with the help of a gamin joystick and EDWARD can achieve a top speed of 40 km/hour. In fact, the inversion control technology allows you to take a ride upside down too! At this moment, the vehicle is not produced commercially, but we could hope that one of the bigger companies find this project cool and begin to manufacture it for the consumer market.

If you looked at the video below, you would know that this ride could in fact be more exhilarating than a trip down the roller coaster.

Of course, carry some tissue paper with you if you ever get to inside EDWARD, as I am sure you might end up throwing up all over yourself. You could also take a look at other cool vehicles like the Honda Forklift Vehicle, the Mooovie which does not emit any emissions at all, or even the Swarming Micro Air Vehicle which is totally cool.