This Lawn Mower Cuts Grass and Cleans Up as It Goes

Most people complain when asked to do some lawn work. But if this concept gadget becomes a reality, lawn mowing will be both be a pleasure and a benefit for the environment.

Lawn Beetle 1

Introducing the Lawn Beetle, bearing the trademark logo of the auto company famous for cars of the same name. This was a product concept by YunJin Chang of Seoul, Korea who has been working with industrial design for years. His idea is to come up with products that suit the lifestyles of its users, whether such devices are intended for home or office use.

Lawn Beetle 2

This project explores how housework can be done in a breeze, while still keeping the environment clean. Chang explains that although most people mow their lawns to keep the place clean, the fumes from the machine’s fuel tank does harm for the environment. The Lawn Beetle is solar powered, emitting no fumes as it cuts your grass. Plus, this Green Gadget is not only efficient, but also cleans up after itself!

Lawn Beetle 3

Chang used the dung beetle as a model for his design, which is why the lawn mower has the familiar exoskeleton shape. Dung beetles are nature’s cleaning personnel, with their unique ability to roll up animal waste into a neat ball. These small animals use the dung as food, breaking down its components to help return nutrients back to the soil.

Lawn Beetle 4

In the same way as the trusted dung beetle, this solar powered Lawn Beetle vacuums the grass it cuts, and rolls it into one neat ball and kept in a glass bowl for easier disposal afterwards. This sure beats having to sweep up or rake up the grass blades after a long day of lawn work!

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