The Eigenharp: A Convenient Version of Homer’s Universal Instrument

Cited as the geekiest instrument to have ever come into existence, the Eigenharp is by far the most versatile tool a musician can find.

Eigenharp 1

Have you ever wanted your piano to sound like a guitar? How about your violin sounding like a trumpet? No matter what timbre you need, the Eigenharp will deliver. It lets you switch from the sound of one instrument to another with the push of a button! This makes it the perfect option for the indecisive types who just can’t choose which instrument to pick up and learn. Now you can have them all!

The Eigenharp has incredibly diverse playability. If you remember the episode of the Simpsons where Homer was had to beg for money on the streets, you might be reminded of that ‘universal’ instrument he was playing which included cymbals, a guitar, a harmonica and more! Well, the Eigenharp shares the same variety in playability, just more conveniently.

Its keys are touch sensitive and responsive to vibrato, emulating the delicacy of a conventional instrument. Along its side lays a touch pad, similar to the Korg Kaossilator, which is meant to model the movement of a bow over a string as your finger glides along its surface. The most novel component of the Eigenharp is the mouthpiece attached at its top by a bendable wire. Translating the sound of your voice box into a wide range of sounds, you’ll be the envy of the Sirens!

Not only can the Eigenharp emulate the timbre and playability of multiple instruments, it can simulate them simultaneously! You can record a melody or a drumbeat and have it looped throughout the rest of your session. Who needs a band if you have the Eigenharp?

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Via: Galactica Cylon Theme on the Eigenharp.