NEOS: The Future of Biking

On mean city streets, the best friend a man can have is his trusted two-wheeler motorcycle. The two-wheeler can zip through traffic and allows the rider to reach from point A to point B in the shortest time possible. Motorcycles, ranging from sports bikes to cruisers, have also been used as an individual style statement.

One particular disadvantage with the two-wheeler motorcycle is safety. When compared to an automobile, a motorbike provides less safety to the rider. In case of a vehicular accident, the person riding a bike is more likely to end up with a serious injury than a person behind the wheels of a car.

Industrial designer Daniel Munnink, who is an avid biker, decided to come up with a concept design for a motorcycle that will have the raw power of a cruiser or a sports bike, and the safety features of an automobile. NEOS is the name of the design concept and it promises to take motorbike design into a new age of speed and safety.

NEOS is a true blue motorbike at heart, covered with a lightweight aluminum body frame that gives it a pod like appearance. The aesthetics of the bike design deserves bragging rights with a never seen before body shape. The front portion of the bike has a sleek, transparent windshield followed by the nose portion of the bike that features a definitive, well-defined frame.

To add stability and comfort to the riding experience, the designer has added three high-grip wheels instead of the regular two. Two wheels sit in front and one with a relatively thicker wheel located at the rear of the bike. All the three wheels of the bike have been fitted with a next generation braking system.

The true genius of the NEOS, however, lies on the inside. Daniel Munnink’s bike design will not run on traditional fossil fuels. Instead, it will have a rechargeable 3-phase AC induction motor that has a powerful output. The cockpit of the futuristic bike features a Color Touch Screen Display with automatic mobile phone sync. The intelligent bike also has a surrounding vehicle sense technology that would alert the rider of the vehicles in the bike’s vicinity.

The NEOS also boasts of a modular sidecar that can be detached when not required by the rider. The sidecar can be used to carry things and store items.

Never before has there been a motorcycle that offers a safe ride coupled with raw power. The NEOS is one such new age bike.

Do you already feel like zooming on this amazing bike on clean roads? Wait for a while as it is still a concept. Talking about it, there are several other remarkable concepts on the site that you can look at – Apple PowerMac G4 Motorbike Mod, Pluma Track Bike and Monstrous Jet Bike.