Your Very Own Anti-Mosquito Force Field

Nothing compares to the feeling of being one with nature while enjoying the great outdoors. However, the feeling of mosquito bites and insect stings can really take the fun out of camping.

Never again will you have to suffer those nasty itches with the Clip-on Mosquito Repeller from Hammacher. Have this clipped to your belt, and it’s like you have your very own anti-mosquito force field wherever you go.

Clip On Mosquito Repeller

For $24.95, you can add this device to your list of essentials before you head outdoors. The secret of the Clip-on Mosquito Repeller is the battery powered geraniol cartridges, which emit a scent that drives away mosquitoes and other insects. Whether it’s on your belt or latched to your backpack, this repeller guarantees an insect-proof force field with a radius of up to 15 feet.

What is geraniol, anyway? Geraniol is a natural alcohol that is derived from aromatic plants like lavender, lime, lemon, and bergamot. The compound has been studied for years because of its antioxidant ability and its potential to fight cancer. More commonly, it is the sweet-smelling ingredient used in insect repellents. To take it a step further, Hammacher created this Clip-on Mosquito Repeller that uses geraniol cartridges that can last up to 120 hours each. Two cartridges are already supplied upon purchase.

You won’t have to worry about slathering on sticky anti-mosquito lotions or set up mosquito tents whenever you go camping. Simply have an extra cartridge on hand, plus some spare batteries, and those bugs are as good as busted. Keep in mind that a pair of extra geraniol cartridges retails for about $9.95, and the Clip-on Mosquito Repeller uses two AA batteries.

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