Electrolux Bartender Drone Mixes Drinks, Delivers Them in Flight

If Amazon is considering using drones to deliver parcels, a student at the Kyiv National University Of Construction And Architecture thought that these flying robots might as well deliver cocktails.

At least that’s what the concept submitted at the Electrolux Design Lab suggests. Herman Haydin, the student in question, based its work on an idea that’s quite old now, that of a robot bartender. However, his twist is guaranteed to attract more attention. Yura, as the flying bartender drone concept is called, was short-listed among the Top 35 Finalists at the Design Lab of the Swedish home goods manufacturer.

Besides cocktails, Yura can also prepare tea and coffee. I wonder what Jura, the Swiss manufacturer of coffee machines has to say about this, given that the pronunciation of the two is pretty similar. According to Haydin, the amount of calories in each drink prepared by Yura can be adjusted so that it matches the body of the drinker. I don’t know what exactly is that supposed to mean, but I assume that overweight people won’t get any drinks that are rich in fat.

One of the most interesting aspects about Yura is the way users interact with it. The drone reacts to voice commands, but can also be activated via smartphones, tablets, and computers. The idea itself is pretty great, but I’m curious of how it would work.

The sensory body screens and the computer brain included in the drone take care of the power settings, navigation map, and voice commands. On top of that, those components manage the Wi-Fi connection between the drone and the various devices it’s controlled from, as well as any software downloads it may need. Besides the temperature of the prepared beverages, the drone’s brain controls the number of calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. All in all, the concept is pretty great, but I’m not sure about it being realistic.

Haydin claims that Yura can be customized according to the user’s preferences. In other words, that means that its outer shell can come in a particular color. Other than that, the parts can also be colored, so it would all depend on the taste of people using it.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind if this concept became a reality, as bars and lounges would get a touch of modernism this way.

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