Comic-Con 2012: Stunning Game of Thrones Bar

When you drink at the Game of Thrones bar, you win or you die, there is no middle ground – isn’t that what Cersei told Ned Stark? Or… hic! Maybe I had one too many at the GoT bar and I’m starting to confuse things and kings.

Comic Con is the type of convention that every geek should attend at least once in his or her lifetime. Four days spent in this environment are far from being enough, but at least some lucky people have the chance to taste a bit of geeky heaven. It’s no surprise that the tickets for this year’s convention were sold out within 90 minutes. Bear in mind, the Game of Thrones bar found at the Wired Cafe was only one of the spectacular things to be seen at Comic Con.

The decor must have made the attendants feel like they were in Westeros, sipping from a glass of Dornish. Besides fancy cocktails, the participants also got to taste a bit of tech, as the organizers did not want the dragons and wild animals to steal the entire show.

What you see in the second and third pictures from the series is a Game of Thrones branded XBox that will be available as a limited edition. More specifically, this game console features stylized animals that symbolizes the great houses of Westeros. The dragon (House Targaryen), the lion (House Lannister) and the stag (House Baratheon) are depicted fighting each other, as they are in the books and the TV show, too. I am not sure whether the other side of the console features other houses, but it should. It is known (pun intended) that this product is a limited edition, but the exact number of consoles and the price are yet to be disclosed.

Next, there are swords and goblets that look exactly like the ones featured in the series. That is probably because the entire bar was set up with the help and under the supervision of HBO. The event also included exclusive tech demos, probably involving the GoT-branded X-Box and HBO GO. The attendants

The last picture features a menu list that includes 3 of the Game of Throne cocktails served at the event: Wildfire and Whiskey, White Walker, and Fire and Ice. Coming up with more creative names (Blood of My Blood, maybe?) might have proven a bit gruesome.

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