15 Tips to Better Email Etiquette

Even though e-mail is on a dwindling scale of usage as social media services step up to the plate for private messaging, e-mail still has overtaken traditionally sent snail mail. Just as there was etiquette and good manners when it came to that, you’d better believe that there are rules for proper emailing.We all understand the importance of goo people skills when it comes to our interpersonal communication, writes the below graphic’s designer. Our communication dtermines the opinion others have of us, whether that be that we’re smart or not-so-bright, considerate or stuck-up, or professional versus immature.

These rules apply to email as well as other forms of communication. However, special considerations must be taken to mind, including protecting your recipient’s identity, composing a thoughtful subject line and avoiding special formatting, just to name a few.


What are some of your email faux pas?

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