Tvor: The Extra-Terrestrial Lamp Design

I must admit that the first thought that came in my my mind after looking at this cool and revolutionary lamp design was the scene from ET where ET’s finger lights up; I couldn’t help suppress that nostalgic feeling one usually gets after being witness to such an ambient form of lighting.

Tvor lamp1

The “Tvor”, as its designer Jindrich Vodicka– a Czech student likes to call it, is probably one of the most awesome and unique lighting solutions I have ever come across in my lifetime, the elegant design and the ambient light that keeps emitting from this lamp has a very warm and calming feeling to it.

Now, the Tvor is not just another one of those usual lamps that you find in the market, it is in fact better to be labeled as a ‘warrior of light’ rather than just a ‘lamp’; making use of the Adruino program and various sensors, Tvor scans its surroundings for a possible spot where darkness prevails, and then charging like a warrior but with the elegance of an angel, it makes its way to the dark spot and dispels the darkness.

Tvor lamp2

But unfortunately for our little ‘light warrior’, his battles are endless as his eagerness to illuminate only transfers the darkness to another part of the room—sending him into an endless loop until the morning light shines forth from the windows. But since this is still a design, our light warrior has a lot of changes to go through, meanwhile you can have a look at the DIY Jack-o-Lantern or the Butterflies Night Lamp.