Icon Power Pack Gives the iPhone & iPod Extra Battery Life

It’s a joyous day, you’re out with your iPhone or iPod in hand when suddenly and unexpectedly, its battery dies. That would be the end of your otherwise joyous day, wouldn’t it? So here’s something to give your iPhone or iPod a second life, on those days it runs out of charge, to support your geeky operations. Here’s the life-saving Icon Power Pack!Icon Power Pack 1

This Iconic Power Pack functions as an external charger for all generations of the iPhone and the iPad and can add up to 3 hours of additional talk time and up to 18 hours of additional audio playback, anytime and anywhere! This brilliant charger also features the stylish and popular EL film technology which display translucent green bars to indicate the charge left in the charger.

Icon Power Pack 2

The Icon Power Pack can be charged by simply plugging it into your PC with the USB cable provided and when all four translucent bars are lit up, place the charger safely into your bag or purse. Then, on one grave day when your iPhone or iPod runs out of battery, there won’t be any need to be morose or panic. All you will need to do is take the stylish Icon Charger out, attach it to your iPhone and make way for some super cool extra battery life!

Icon Power Pack 3

The Icon Power Pack is up for $58.30 and proves itself to be, as its slogan goes, the coolest external charger for the iPhone and the iPod!

Icon Power Pack 4

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