evoMouse: The Way Of Computer Mouse Evolution

evoMouse looks like a joke. And it removes any physical objects that need to be held in order to operate the computer. There’s just you and your hand…

Over the years there were hundreds of prototypes and concepts that were supposed to change the computer mouse in some way. Excluding technical improvements (e.g. ball replaced by laser), none of them succeded on the grounds of design. Perhaps the Celluon concept of evoMouse will do better.

The evoMouse design looks like a little joke – it reminds a kind of weird looking cat, even though there is little practicality in such a shape. In fact the “cat” itself is just the projection device, which allows the user to create a huge touchscreen out of virtually any surface. Then operating the computer works similarly to the most advanced laptop touchpads, tablet PCs or smartphones.

The Bluetooth or USB-connected gadget can cope with not only simple one finger operations, but it also recognizes complex gestures performed by at least two fingers. Those are for example right click, zooming, scrolling, rotating images, navigating the browser and potentially much more. Everything is as easy as touching the chosen surface where evoMouse is located. What’s more, evoMouse works as a graphic tablet and a keyboard too. The user can draw or hand write using a finger or any improvised tool, like an ordinary pen for example. Typing is also possible, though it requires buying another little gadget called keyMat, which changes evoMouse into little keyboard.

From the producer’s website I assume it is supposed to replace any physical mouse but it is hard to believe they can succeed. evoMouse seems to be a kind of good looking gadget and a cool improvement to a desktop PC, but probably nothing more. Just think about gamers – they would never give up their kick-ass gaming mice for a much less precise touchpad, regardless of its size. And what about your fingertips? I bet they’d prefer a traditional mouse…

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Via: celluon