Samsung Dual Core Galaxy Tablet 10.1

It’s finally time for us all to get excited over Samsung’s recently unveiled, bigger, and better Galaxy tablet.

The new tablet is a significant improvement over their other Galaxy tablet in many aspects. It bolsters a 1GHz dual-core processor, an 8-megapixel camera on the rear (2-megapixel on the front) and it runs on Android’s latest fully integrated UI, the 3.o Honeycomb platform.

Samsung took the design of this tablet in a  new direction so that it ends up looking a lot less like a grown-up Android phone and more like an Ipad (which, incidentally, looks a lot like a grown-up IPhone – I know this is confusing). It was designed to be used in a landscape position, emphasized by the hand grooves in the back and the location of the front-facing camera  that’s on the side.

I can’t emphasize how truly jealous I am of this suit-wearing (even when laying in bed), croissant-nibbling gentleman who got the privilege of fooling around with the incredible device in this video.

One of the first things that this reviewer points out in white bold-faced font, is the tablet’s capability of viewing flash videos. This has always been one of my biggest gripes with the IPad. I suppose this doesn’t bother the people who actually buy all of their videos off ITunes, but for the rest of us,  it makes it damn near impossible to watch anything for free. Also, this means that you can finally troll YouTube in all of its glory and not have to use that impossibly hard to navigate and extremely reductive version made for phones and the IPad.

Best Place To Use Tablet

The video is 11:15 minutes long and so, there is understandably a lot of things that this reviewer points out that are both expected from any tablet pc and things that should already be obvious. I mean, I think we get that it’s a full touch screen; there aren’t even any buttons on the face (one less than the IPad 2). He mundanely spends a significant portion of time showing how light and easy it is to take around with you – by showing clips of him “taking it around”. Also, I don’t think it’s worth mentioning that there are in fact apps for Contacts, Calendar, and Memo. It’s like pointing out that the tablet can be used as a paper-weight, or a coaster, or to break a window.

Bells And Whistles

Overall, the Galaxy Tablet 10.1 looks incredible. It takes HD videos, has, what looks like, a pretty customizable interface, and the GPS looks even more functional than any actual dedicated GPS device. The game demos are starting to convince me that tablets may be viable for action-type games and not just tower defenses and Angry Birds. The video is epic, there is no question. It makes life without the tablet seem inferior and the computer I’m typing on seem like a dinosaur.

So, if you’re in the market for a new tablet PC, at the very least, have the patience to wait until spring, head over to your closest Best Buy and play with this tablet for five minutes before you decide to get an IPad 2. It could be worth it.

Looking to join the crazy and get a tablet? Check out the iPad 2 as well. Otherwise, you can check out more complete specs of the Galaxy Tablet 10.1.

Via: AndroidHD