Apple Woes: Exploding iPads and Delayed Products

This week it’s been reported that an iPad has exploded and Apple have delayed the launch of the Apple TV, could the Californian tech giant be in trouble?

iPad Air image

Despite the fact that the Cupertino, Calif. tech company, Apple, seem to be the leader in terms of smartphones and tablets, the creators of iPhone and iPads once wasn’t on top of the market. Of course, they had to start somewhere and while they’ve very much gotten to where they are now by making very good products (and releasing lots of them) in part, it’s the furore surrounding their product releases and the subsequent media furore surrounding the hype that keeps sales high. Now, that could all be in jeopardy as news outlets are reporting that the Apple TV has been delayed and that an iPad has exploded in Australia.

The first, more dangerous piece of Apple news from the week is that ‘exploding’ iPad. Sitting on a store shelf in Australia, the iPad in question was a demo model found in a Vodafone store in the country’s capital of Canberra. The iPad reportedly produced “A burst of flames” according to eyewitnesses, causing the fire brigade to be brought into to extinguish them and thankfully no shoppers or shopkeeps were hurt. However, it was previously reported that the combusting iPad could have been one of the new iPad Air tablets, recently released by Apple, meaning that their new line of tablets could actually be a fire hazard. The incident was so serious that an Apple representative visited the store to retrieve the iPad and radio silence from the company since suggests that all is not well with its flagship tablet.

In turn, rumours in the backend of Apple’s operations also paint a shadow over things as the company have reportedly delayed the release of the Apple TV yet again, seeing the device potentially released all the way in 2015. Rather than being due to a relatively workable technological issue, the delay is possibly due to a lack of content deals as they are struggling to score unique, competitor-beating deals with publishers who just don’t want to play ball. Apple TV was previously rumoured to be released in 2014 but not wanting to launch a television device with nothing to watch means that Apple fans, critics and interested consumers alike will have to wait longer for Apple’s small-screen project.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source:, NDP DisplaySearch

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