Consumer Polls Hint At An Extinction For Non-Smart Phones

Recent developments in technology, and increased affordability of modern Smartphones seem to hint at the end of an era for our old, regular devices.

Motorola Razr

It seems there will be a new member of the discarded technology family, and it might just be regular, pre-smartphone device. Just like the VHS, walkman and even DVDs, the usage of basic mobile phones has steadily been going down, and seem to be almost dead in the case of the USA, according to a poll by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

The sample chosen for this study, albeit of only 500 US citizens (that means, rather small) who acquired a phone in the last 3 months show that only 3% of the costumers decided for a regular, plain mobile. This number is 20% down from what was reported last year in this very month, which is quite a jump. However, they could be faring worse, as they still reported bigger numbers when compared to Blackberry and Windows phones, who managed to get only 1% each. The remaining 95% was split between a 53 percent for Apple, and 42% for Android OS, which seems to just become bigger every year.

Are you feeling nostalgic about your old Motorola V360 yet? How about the Nokia 1100? Remember the time when we only had to charge our phones once every 4 days or so?

Source: Geekosystem

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