Google Glass to Get Augmented Reality Features From Layar

As hype for Google Glass, increases, Layar have announced that they will be bringing both augmented reality and QR scanning features to the device.

Layar Google Glass

Google Glass certainly has many interesting features but how many of them are useful? Does being able to take photos with a pair of glasses and a voice command make the actual process or picture taking any easier or is it just a way to free up your hands when you’d usually use your smartphone? And how about how Glass’ use of Twitter and Facebook add up – is it quicker and more convenient to say tweets and status updates aloud or is it a way of limiting your privacy as you find yourself having to whisper things you could inconspicuously type? These are all things to take into account for potential buyers of the search engine giant’s new gadget and thanks to Layar, the augmented reality specialists, Google Glass is set to get two new features to make it a little bit more useful.

The first of the features, the augmented reality, is somewhat of an unofficial Google Glass application. Those who are lucky enough to have hands-on access with the device can download the beta software from Layar’s website and then install it themselves onto Google’s fancy wearable. While it may sound like a bit of legwork is required, the features it brings are quite impressive, almost making you wonder why Google hadn’t though to include it in the first place. By saying the simple voice command of “OK Glass, scan this” and looking in the direction of say a magazine or a movie poster, the user can then be directed to information about the magazine’s cover star or be sent straight to YouTube to watch a trailer for the movie featured in said poster.

The second of Layar’s Google Glass offerings is a QR code scanner, making use of those funny black and white patterns that you’ve perhaps seen use in adverts and various other promotions. This app is also very much in beta and in testing it reportedly had some issues in recognising codes in magazines, but the same reports also explain that when provided with QR codes on standard paper, the registering of said codes was relatively successful, so with the two features working quite well on Google Glass, developers and consumers will have plenty to look forward to from the device in the future.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: GigaOM

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