Eye-Fi’s New SD Card Uploads From Anywhere

At Walyou, we’ve become quite familiar with Eye-Fi’s Wireless SD Cards, so it comes at no surprise the latest update Eye-Fi Mobile X2 is yet another stunner for everyday Flickr freaks.Eye-Fi Mobile X2

God knows you love your iPhone 4 and your Thunderbolt’s handy cameras, but wouldn’t you love to take out the big guns on your trip to Maui’s Haleakala or the Great Wall of China and upload real deal JPEGs from your DSLR to the Web immediately? For those of us who prefer the quality of our web-less cameras, Eye-Fi’s new toy is the solution to just that.

While their past products have allowed you to connect to your local Wi-Fi and upload photos to your PC without a cord or even removing the card, Eye-Fi Mobile X2’s new “Direct Mode” allows you to transport your best pics directly to your iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablets, even when Wi-Fi is nowhere to be found.

Somewhere in the card’s unbelievably small internals Eye-Fi has included a Wi-Fi hotspot that your phone and tablet can connect to using its own Wi-Fi signal detection. When the card is released on April 17, several free applications made by Eye-Fi will be available to make this process mindless.

Personally, I think the card would have been quite handy on my recent Miami Beach vacation where my spectacular Canon shots were more worthy of uploading than my less than crisp Droid Eris’. You can preorder the Eye-Fi Mobile X2 on their website right now or wait for it to debut in stores (Best Buy initially) with 8GB of storage for $79.99.

As Wired points out, $15 can get you a regular 8GB SD card, so $65 extra is the cost of the convenience. Otherwise, you can also buy the cheaper Connect X2 with 4GB of space and no internal Wi-Fi hotspot for $49.99.

Via: Wired