Facebook adds Nokia’s Here Maps to their service

Mark Zuckerberg’s company and Nokia have reached an arrangement so Facebook can use HERE Maps in Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

Facebook here Maps 1

The news website Techcrunch reports that Nokia and Facebook have signed an agreement so the second one can use the Finnish company’s maps on their mobile version, as well as Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

We have known for a while Nokia wanted to get rid or sell their HERE division, and it seems Facebook weren’t the only party interested – despite being the favorite candidate. Other companies involved were Alibaba, Baidu, Samsung and Yahoo.

Facebook here Maps 2

Seemingly, Zuckerberg’s company made the best offer, and they might have already signed an agreement in which they would be already testing the new maps on the apps mentioned above, in a “trial period” designed to ensure everything works like it is supposed to. As of now, there is no official announcement from any of the two parties, but if everything works out, Facebook seems ready to move on with the buyout.

Nokia seems to be interested in the network business, and after acquiring Alcatel-Lucent, the money they would get from HERE would do wonders. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Zuckerberg’s team end up using these new maps on another of their biggest apps, Whatsapp, too.

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