Nokia claim to be “up to something”, tease black box

Since being acquired by Microsoft, Nokia’s name was dropped from many models such as the Lumia 535. That doesn’t mean Nokia isn’t producing hardware anymore, though.

Nokia Black Box

Nokia still seem to have something to offer to the world, even after their acquisition and then re-branding by the Microsoft team. Nokia might no longer have the handset division which made it a household name all around the world, but they still do not seem ready to abandon the hardware side of things just yet, as they posted a tease for whatever they have coming up next on their Twitter account.

All we can infer from the picture is that it either is or comes in a mysterious, unidentified black box. Furthermore, the accompanying text of ‘guess what? We’re up to something’ doesn’t add too much information, so speculating is hard. Nokia’s team had been using their tweeter account to speak of a ‘reinvented Nokia’ and a ‘fresh start’, while they also mentioned the possibility of entering the wearables’ market, so that could be what this new project is all about.

What is a fact is that Nokia have a scheduled talk at Slush, a tech conference focused on new technologies titled ‘What’s next, Nokia?’. It’s pretty clear, Nokia will unveil something, and that something is definitely a hardware product. Now, whether it is a set-top box for TV, a smartwatch or what, remains to be seen. What matters is that the Finnish guys are not yet down for the count.

Via Techpp

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