Chrome Extension Lets You Grab Your Facebook Contacts Data

Now that Google+ is no more an academic secret and though most of them are still trying desperately to get a Google+ account, people have begun to understand the naissance of a new social networking site.

While Google+ may provide an alternative to many people who dislike Facebook for its supposed privacy and security flaws, people still find it difficult to get all the people they have in their Facebook friend list on Google+.

A new Chrome extension by open-source programmer Mohamed Mansour allows you to grab your Facebook contacts data and export it to your Gmail address book. The idea behind this export is to let you find all your Facebook friends on Google+ and if you don’t, Mansour assumes that you would coax them into using Google+. The Chrome extension, called Facebook Friend Exporter copies all the contact information from your Facebook account including name, e-mail address, phone number, birthday, website and address.

This data is then exported to a spreadsheet which you could download, or you can choose to directly import it to your Gmail address book. After you get your Facebook contacts to your Gmail address book, you could organize them into various circles on Google+. Though the extension makes importing your Facebook contacts data to Google+ seem easy, it is quite complicated. Moreover, it is against Section 3.2 of Facebook’s terms of service which states that you cannot collect users’ content or information using automated means.

If you asked me, I would continue to use Facebook and wait for everyone to get on board on Google+, and NOT violate anybody’s terms of service. If Google+ is really going to be that big, you will find everyone on your Facebook and many more people on it any way. At the moment, most people do not have access to Google+ even if you add them on your account, and I am assuming you have access to Google+.