A Really Disturbing Trip Through Your Facebook Life

Intel certainly knows how to advertise. They created probably the most subtle and entertaining, yet frightening advertisement ever. Facebook addicts only!

Museum of Me is a web-based application generating a video based upon the information gathered from a user’s Facebook profile. The coolest part though is the way it’s presented. It looks like a grand opening of a contemporary art exhibition held in a museum. Everything gathered from your profile is like a display unit here: friends, news feeds, photos, videos, or even single words that were ever written on the wall.

It’s a three-minutes long video, a kind of tour through a virtual museum, where your archive of Facebook life is the only subject. There’s a giant thumbs up monument and in the end there is a bunch of robotic hands which take all the photos found on Facebook to compose a huge image of yourself. There’s also some piano, romantic and moody music in the background by Takagi Masakatsu. On the whole, the experience is quite disturbing.

It’s definitely kind of creepy to use an application which requires to access perhaps all possible information you’ve ever posted on Facebook. Many of us do not pay attention to privacy issues, totally trusting their Facebook profiles so you’ll be surprised how much info the smart application can get. However, Museum Of Me wouldn’t be possible without that faith anyway. Over 215 thousand people has already liked the Museum of Me.

Apart from all privacy issues, this is probably the most impresive way to use random Facebook information I’ve ever seen. The stunning fact is that all the information taken from the profile is used accurately, actually there seems to be no randomness at all.

If you’re going to share all your privacy with Intel, just go ahead and try Museum of Me.

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Via: Intel