How to “Like” in Different Languages on Facebook

The Facebook Like is loved around the world. One man decided to compile the way we “like” things globally.

Facebook is the global leader in social media and has taken the planet by storm. To accommodate their international users, Facebook is constantly implementing new language interfaces for their website. This has broadened the horizon for so many that would otherwise not have a modern way to interact on the Internet.

This maps shows just some of the different ways to “like” something on Facebook in languages from Farsi to Indonesian to Finnish. Some other cool ways include “arr” in Pirate English, “a’jbanee” (transliterated) in Arabic, “ahavti” (transliterated) in Hebrew, not to mention they also feature “Like” (and the rest of the Facebook interface) in Esperanto and Upside-down English.

How do you “Like” on Facebook?

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