This TARDIS Door is Bigger on the Inside

Many Doctor Who fans dream of having a TARDIS in their living room – perhaps complete with a life-size cutout of David Tenant or Matt Smith – but few of them manage to realize this dream.

Sure, getting an actual police box into your house might be more trouble than it’s worth, especially if you get caught lifting one off the streets. Building your own from scratch involves some level of expertise with woodworking, which the average fan likely doesn’t have. However, if you’re resourceful like this crafty Flickr user, normaljean, you’ll find a way to improvise.


In this case, improvisation comes in the form of painting an ordinary door to resemble the front of the iconic TARDIS. It’s definitely a low-tech way of getting a look similar to furniture pieces like this neat TARDIS bookshelf, without having to build a frame and cut out pieces of wood. The overall look is equally impressive, as the front door is likely to be used daily, compared to the less frequent use that a cupboard would get.


If you want to get this look with none of the effort, you can just pretend that your ordinary door is a fully operational TARDIS complete with working chameleon circuit. But then it wouldn’t be the Doctor’s time machine (besides being just an ordinary door), which makes it infinitely less cool.


I’ve always found that houses really are bigger than they appear on the outside, so I think that a door like this would make an amazing front door for a nerdy house or even an apartment. It still makes a cool exit to the outside world, but in terms of symbolism, it makes sense that the world outside the TARDIS is in a state of constant flux one while the time inside the machine is less mutable.


If you’re not quite ready to proclaim your love for Doctor Who to the world at large, you may want to consider getting some less extravagant home decorations that are nonetheless nerdy. For example, this TARDIS mug is perfect for your morning coffee even in the most formal of workplaces, while this TARDIS ice bucket is perfect to bring out at Rock Band parties and Sci-Fi marathons with your other nerdy friends.

Via: Geek Crafts