A Flight Simulator that Reads and Understands Your Mind

Simulation technology is nothing new to hardcore gaming enthusiasts and certain other geeks, but the Infinity Simulator takes the ‘live experience’ a bit further than usually is expected.

Yehuda Duenyas, a former student at the Rensselaer Polytechnic created the Infinity Simulator as part of his MFA thesis and it allows the users to feel as if they are flying on their own. With the help of an Emotive EEG headset one could monitor the mind of the user and the data is then transmitted to a 3D rigging system that moves the user according to his thoughts.

Of course, the Infinity Simulator makes sure the user experiences the act of flying as if it were real. 3D effects, goggles and a headphone adds airplane sound effects make the flying experience complete. The automated rigging system consists of straps that would grip the suspended user, and moves him across the operating platform.

Duenyas used a high-tech performing arts centre in New York called Empac in order to achieve the ambience. The video makes it look a little tame, and you might feel the experience may not be mind-blowing. However, when the rigging system becomes a little more complex and aggressive, one might actually feel as if they are flying out of control.

The technology could not only be used for recreation, but also to help people get rid of the fear of flying in airplanes. It is estimated that a huge number of people suffer from fear of flying. Real-life simulators such as the Infinity Simulator could help people with flying phobia to desensitize under ‘in vivo’ conditions, where in they actually face what their worst fear in a controlled and simulated environment.

Of course, there have been other simulators which were developed or conceptualized. The Flight Simulation Package could be a great way to experience the act of flying right in your drawing room. If you have a little extra time, you could try and build your own DIY Flight Simulator. Saitek PRO Flight Yoke System is an interesting PC-based simulator.

Via: Gizmo Watch