Microchip Art For The Hardware Fiend

Nobody really thinks about them too much, but microchips are the backbone of our entire technological lives. These tiny little silicon and metal wonders are what allows all the amazing gadgets we rely on day after day to exist.

Maybe it’s because they’re so small and we almost never see them. Whatever the reason, these morsel-sized machines are truly one of the greatest things mankind has ever come up with. If engineering can be considered an art, and around these parts we definitely think so, then the microchip is the Mona Lisa of human invention. And for their trouble, they usually end up in a garbage dump somewhere. Until one man got the idea to combine the art of new world with the art of the old.

Inspired by these little masterpieces, artist Yuri Zupancic decided to use them as a medium of artistic expression. Using small brushes he makes himself out of his own eyelashes, Zupancic paints all manner of subjects on the microchips.

The work is both a salute to the long tradition of miniature painting that stretches back almost as long as painting itself, and the microchip’s essential role as the preeminent commodity of the computer age. Fancy artistic ideas aside, the paintings are also incredibly cool to look at. With painstaking attention to detail, Zupancic rescues old microchips from the trash and turns them into moving and interesting works of art.

Take a look at some of Zupancic works below and next time you’ve turn on one of the million gadgets in your house, give a “thanks” to the beautiful little microchips that make it all possible.

For art made from old computer parts that’s as big as these are small, check out this giant skull or recycled computer art.

Via: Dudecraft