Kristian Ulrich Redefines the “Flip” Phone

Designer Kristian Ulrich Larsen has reinvented the flip phone with this green screen masterpiece, known as the Flip. The concept phone debuted on Larsen’s Vimeo page last month with photos and video CGI of a dual-display smart phone featuring an Android interface and eye-popping drag and drop abilities.Larsen's Flip Phone

So, “What is being creative?” (the title of Larsen’s video). We seem to think this epic design concept definitely fits the bill. As said, Flip has two displays, each of which appears to emulate AMOLED-like vibrance, and there’s even a QWERTY green-glowing keypad that can be folded away or used to prop it up.

Flip Phone Alarm Clock

The genius of the design is the flexibility of it all. In the video below, you can see a woman use the Flip in about six different ways. You can fold it onto itself and use one screen by itself for applications, unfold it once more and use both displays to edit videos or read eBooks, take out the keypad and write an email, or even prop it up on your coffee table and watch a YouTube video with a friend…on both screens. Hell, you can even make this thing look like a digital alarm clock or an impromptu vase.

You can get a more illustrative idea from Larsen’s folding depictions. Besides the folding fun, we love the drag and drop ideas for this phone. Can you imagine sharing a photograph or video from your iPhone onto your friend’s with just a swipe of your finger? We’ve definitely come along way from Palm’s “Beam”. The display curvature is actually pretty interesting as well, but the fact we don’t see any battery bulk in this svelte design somehow makes this even easier on the eyes. Not to mention entire concept is intended for drop-worthy Gorilla Glass, steel mesh, stock Android, and pretty LEDs.

Flip Phone Fold Options

We can only hope smart phone developers follow up with Larsen’s ideas, because if the Flip doesn’t kill Motorola’s hideous Sidekick, nothing will.

Via: Yanko Design