13 Amazing Liquor Dispensers

A party without a bartender is like a talk show without a host. A bartender is a must for any type of party which serves liquors on the house.

If you are organizing a small party, then a bartender is something that you cannot afford or is something that would definitely look odd. In such cases, a drink dispenser is your best friend. Drink dispenser not only looks good but also help in serving drinks faster and more efficiently. In this article we have come up with some of the most amazing drink dispensers for you to have a look and choose for your party.

Build a Mobile Bar – BaR2D

Have you ever wondered – why robots usually deal with boring issues like washing dishes and cleaning tables? And not something cool like being a bar tender and getting you drunk without you moving an inch? If yes, then the “BaR2D2” come as an answer. BaR2D2 is a stylish robot that doubles up as a mobile bar that has a motorized beer elevator.

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Globe Liquor Dispenser

Interested in sampling a drink from every corner of the world? Well, you can almost do that with this “Globe Liquor Dispenser”. I mean, start drinking in North America and don’t stop until you’ve hit Antarctica. With a polished, silver-plated holder and raised, acrylic globe detail, this drink dispenser maps a perfect pour whatever the occasion or continent.

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Godinger Slot Machine Liquor Dispenser

“Godinger Slot Machine Liquor Dispenser” is a uniquely designed liquor dispenser inspired by an antique slot machine. It is very decorative and also will fit nicely with any bar or casino décor. It is shiny with Silver Finish and with silver embossed décor around dispenser. With each pull of the handle you are sure to hit the jackpot and enjoy your favorite drink. Pull handle to fill liquid and release handle to stop dispensing.

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Gun Booze Dispenser

Fire away into the club! You’re not going to get arrested when you hit someone with the “Gun Booze Drink Dispenser”. This beer dispenser fires off any alcohol of your choice with style. It will fit on any bottle of liquor. Simply put the holster on your bottle, begin pumping the pump-action lever and you’ll be shooting more rounds of your favorite spirit.

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Gizzer Liquor Dispenser

You are sure to be the talk of the party with this unique liquor dispenser. Scotch and bourbon mature with age, but it doesn’t mean you have to as well! Equally sophisticated and silly, this “Gizzer Liquor Dispenser” is a bit outrageous. This dispenser features a geezer standing in a half naked position based on the top of a heavy patterned glass base. Just give a push to the button and geezer starts relieving himself. Isn’t this funny?

Shotgun Drink Dispenser

Tired of drinking out of a boring old glass? Why not use the Shotgun Drink Dispenser instead then? It’ll fire a refreshing amount of liquid into your mouth in the most unique of ways. Just fill up the plastic bottle with the drink of your choice, attach it to the Shotgun and use the perfect pump action to fire 25ml shots in a single jet.

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Fire Hydrant Drink Dispenser

This unusual “Fire Hydrant Drink Dispenser” is a great way to store your favorite liquors and it also allows your guests to serve themselves. Simply push the top a few times and watch your guests smile in amusement while the liquor is quickly dispensed into their glass.

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Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser

Tired of high prices at the pump? Tired of party guests whining about empty cocktail glasses? Well, your prayers have been answered. With this nifty, retro-cool “Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser”, you can set your own “fuel” prices, and tell your lazy guests to “self-serve.” And yeah, you can even “top-off.”

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Dale Earnhardt Jr Moonshine Still Dispenser

This “Dale Earnhardt Jr Moonshine Dispenser” is copper topped still which will look right at your home with all your other racing memorabilia. Only this one is a lot more fun when used for pouring yourself a stiff belt just like the junior himself would.

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Cool Shot Liquor Dispenser

The “Cool Shot Dispenser” blends perfectly into compact modern style with the best in liquor cooling technologies – yes, ice. Unlike those similar giant chilled shot machines you see behind the bar in professional establishments, the Cool Shot Dispenser simply uses ice to perfectly chill your shot. No electricity is wasted, it’s easy to clean and store away when not in use and it won’t take up your whole countertop. Just fill up the ice chamber, insert the custom stopper into a liquor bottle and place it upside-down into the Cool Shot Dispenser.

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Chrome Liquor Dispenser with Wooden Stand

This “Chrome Liquor Dispenser” is stylish key-style dispenser made of stainless steel with a beautiful chrome finish. It rests securely atop a wooden stand with a dark cherry finish and holds up to 4 liters of your favorite poison or other beverages. So sit back, sip a fine scotch and truly enjoy the finer things in life.

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Mini Oak Wine Barrels

This cool new and fully functional “Mini Oak Wine Barrel” is perfect to store your wine instead of storing them in boxes. This tiny wooden cask is hand-made from American white oak, comes in 1, 2 or 3 liter sizes and is designed to properly age wine, beer, tequila, rum or any other spirit.

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SOBEaR v02: The Responsible Robot Bartender

There’s no danger of over serving a guest at your next party with the “SOBEaR v02: The Responsible Robot Bartender”. This little guy looks friendly, but he’s equipped with a built-in breathalyzer. To get your tipple of choice, you’ll have to breathe into the little bear’s face. If the SOBEaR v02 deems you sober enough to have another drink safely, he’ll pour. If the bartender robot thinks you’re too drunk to have another cocktail, you’re stuck walking to the refrigerator and pouring your own drink like a normal person.

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Add to the party with some more cool entertainment gear, such as a LED coffee table, the Bosch Powerbox boombox and one of 12 awesome beer robots.