Floor Plan Light Switch Offers Convenient Control

Whether you’re sick of your boring light switches or you need a new method of controlling lights, you’re going to like this.

Every so often, regular objects get transformed into something more convenient. Often, it’s something that’s just a tweak in how or what it controls and appears so simple that we’re all surprised we didn’t think of it. I’d love to admit that I thought of this, but the credit goes completely to designer Taewon Hwang.

Taewon Hwang's Floor Plan Light Switch

This light switch controls various parts of the house according to the floor plan. This is a rather swell idea, as it becomes very convenient to turn off that light your son or daughter always forgets, or turn on the light as you head to the bathroom so you don’t trip on something. Extending this concept also allows you to potential start-up the bathroom fan if you know you’re going to use it soon (or if the previous user forgot to turn it on during), or even start preheating an oven, although that does seem like a bit of a hazard and a stretch.

The only downside is that there is a slight level of familiarity of the house required to work with this floor plan. For example, if you’re just moving into the house, this will certainly be an interesting learning curve, but probably only as difficult as remembering which switch is the light-switch in the bathroom and which is the fan.

Taewon Hwang's Floor Plan Light Switch

My only beef is the mass production operations. How exactly is it going to happen, especially with nearly a custom floor plan design required for every single house? Certainly, an online order could require an approximate floor plan required to be uploaded for design, as households are definitely going to order more than one for these switches. I’ll definitely take one for each floor at least, along with one in the master bedroom at the bare minimum. Having one of these switches is not bad, but the convenience of having more than one is greater than just having one.

Even then, the wiring is going to be much more complicated, as all the circuits need to connected to each switch, which means re-wiring might be required. Oh, boy!

Nonetheless, although this light switch will probably be implemented in only new houses in the near future, it’s still a fascinating concept. If you liked this, have a look at the Yellow Light over at Yanko Design. Also, have a look at the Senzo nightlight concept or the pretty funny 3D electric switch design.

Via: Yanko Design