The X & Y Lamp with Colors from A to Z

We have all heard about the magic crystal ball that reveals to us the secrets of our lives. Here is another similar looking ball but with difference. It is neither crystal nor does it reveal life secrets. The magic lies in the fact that it helps you see the world in different hues and shades as per your wish of light settings. And the best part is that the controls lie in your hands, literally.

The X&Y Lamp has been created by Berlin based Australian designer Flynn Talbot. On appearance, the lamp gives a very simplistic look but all the complication lies in the brass base, which contains all the lighting equipment and the LEDs. This base is covered by a hand blown opal glass sphere. The ball and the base are not connected in any manner. Simply sitting on the base, a felt ring provides support to the sphere. The felt makes the movement of the sphere smooth and jerk free. Hold the sphere with both hands and enjoy its free movement on the base.

The lamp derives its name of X&Y from its movements along the X and Y axis. These two movements are the key to controlling the light hues, shades and intensity. When switched on move the ball on its horizontal ‘X’ axis and notice the changing colors.

When moved around on its vertical ‘Y’ axis the brightness of the light can be increased or decreased. With appropriate movements it is possible to achieve both warm and cool white tones along with the complete color spectrum. With a little bit of exploration with the device you will realize how simple it is to create your desired lighting effects. You do not need switches, remote controls, or instruction manuals to do so. Give every occasion a personal lighting touch.

The creator of this lamp, Flynn Talbot, is an active Lighting Designer with creations like the Portal and the series of Horizons. The X&Y Lamp adds yet another feather to his hat. What makes this project all the more special is that it is completely handmade. The two versions of white and gold are limited edition masterpieces. Each product has been individually numbered and signed.

Gone are the days when you had to depend upon store bought lighting effects. With the X&Y Lamp you get to customize your lights. Impress your guests and take pride in your ‘creations’. After all life is a combination of colors. It is great if you get to create all colors around yourself.

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