20 Years Without Freddie Mercury: A Geeky Tribute

20 years ago today we lost the world’s greatest rock singer, an immensely talented man. His legacy lives on through his music… and these geeky tributes. Freddie Mercury influenced and touched us all (in a metaphorical sense, guys) with his music and art, and it’s hard to come across people who deny the greatness that were Queen or his short-lived solo career. Not only rock fans have come to appreciate him for the genius he was, but also us geeks (there even is a certain overlap between the two groups!), and it was only to be expected that we’d tribute Freddie Mercury, his life and art in the geekiest ways we could come up with. Without further introduction, this is 20 Years Without Freddie Mercury: A Geeky Tribute.

Freddie Mercury Google Doodle

Earlier this year, to commemorate what would have been Freddie’s 65th birthday, the Google Team did one of their classic doodles, this time featuring the man and his band, Queen. The Doodle has been taken down since then, but luckily, it can still be enjoyed in video format at YouTube. Congrats, Google team, for a tasteful, fantastic tribute!

Plasticine Freddie Mercury

Plasticine Freddie Mercury

This plasticine Freddie Mercury wants to break free! For mere 6.50 Euros, this little guy here can hold your keys anywhere you go. The little mustache is absolutely adorable and the best part of the figurine.

Queen Papercraft

Queen Papercraft

Created by two talented Russian artists, this fantastic Queen Papercraft embodies the rocking spirit of the band perfectly, with Freddie rocking the front, and some of the greatest musicians of all time backing him up (Brian May’s hair is awesome). Also, we love the stage.

Lego Freddie Mercury

Lego Freddie Mercury

Which one do you prefer? The cartoon-y version below, or the more realistic take above? And granted, the second pic might not be exactly Lego, but it still deserves a spot here, for the craftsmanship alone is worth it.

Lego Freddie Mercury 2

Queen Meets The Simpsons

Queen Simpsons

One of the worst parts of Freddie’s untimely death was that he went away way before the Simpsons became the media Behemoth they are today. As such, we never got an episode with Queen like we did with greats like Paul McCartney or Michael Jackson. Luckily, thanks to this fantastic fan art by Ed Wheeler, we can imagine how it would have looked like.

Freddie Mercury Memes & Rage Faces

Freddie Mercury Rage 1

His iconic victory post from the 1986 Wembley show is so recognizable that it became a “rage face”, a pre-drawn face used in comics people share in communities such as Reddit or Tumblr. It’s used to denote having achieved something. The variation is equally hilarious:


Also, other users have recurred to Freddie Mercury to make us laugh as in the example that follows, based on the Y U NO series macros.


Freddie Mercury Montreux Statue

Freddie Mercury Statue

One of the most iconic locations of the Switz city of Montreux is the Freddie Mercury Statue, right in front of Lake Geneva. The statue is also based on his Wembley look (a lot of fans call this Queen’s best show ever) and is one of the greatest tributes we’ve ever seen.

Freddie Mercury Statue 2

8-Bit Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

Although lacking in the animation department, a lot of talented artists have overtaken the task to do 8 bit versions of some of Queen’s most well-known songs. Here’s our favorite, Don’t Stop Me Now.

Rest in peace, you rock god. We’ll be here missing you and enjoying your music.

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