Self-Aware Fridge Only Opens If You Smile

Fitter, happier, more productive… no matter what it takes. Following this logic, we introduce this fridge that s traight up forces you to smile unless you want to starve. Can we see your teeth now?

Not all science has to be boring stuff like curing cancer! Researchers at the University of Toyko created a fridge that only allows you to open it if you smile for it.

All joking aside, they call it “The Happiness Counter”, and it aims to encourage smiling every day. It uses a CyberShot digital camera built-in that uses its smile-recognition technology to detect if it should open or not. If you’re heavily depressed, though, don’t worry: you can still open the fridge. You’ll just have to pull harder. See the fridge and the explanation behind the concept in the video below:

Source: Mashable

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