Revolutionary Infographic Marketplace Launches Today

In an effort to match up serious publishers with the right high-quality designers, the data visualization leaders at have launched their Marketplace today., the premier community and budding social network for sharing, exploring and creating infographics, emerged to the public only last year, July 2011, but has since continued to show us just how far and deep this world of data really can go. Today, they bring together serious infographic designers with top-notch clients with the Marketplace.

The following video gives you a quick, visual introduction to the Marketplace, currently in public beta:

Now, with over 20,000 infographics shared by the Community on their website, you’d think that’d be enough for a lifetime (or at least a few years). But as the direction of content is flowing towards easy-to-digest, yet still meaningful, information, data visualization continues to prove itself as a key storyteller for today’s info-hungry consumer.

So what makes the Marketplace different from say, Fiverr, Elance or oDesk, where designers run amuck, promising the goods but not necessarily delivering them? actually pre-screens all Marketplace designers and even goes as far to guarantee their work so that you’re not just dolling out the big bucks with no decent product in return.

Currently, the Marketplace designers are only offering static (read: single image) infographics, but they will soon be adding on platform capabilities for both motion graphics (videos) and interactive visualizations.

For more information and to get started on your own infographic project, check out the Marketplace homepage.

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