How to Piss Off a Frog With Your Smartphone

Animal cruelty? Nope, just harmless fun, and in the end, it’s us humans who get hurt. The evolution of tablets and smartphones, meaning anything operated by touching your screen has resulted in a new way to entertain ourselves and our pets. Even playing jokes on them. Apparently, doing it to your pet frog can result in serious biting injuries.

So how do you piss off a frog? Are frogs even, pissable? Is that even a word? Probably not. But frogs do get angry I suppose, especially when they feel like you’ve taken them for a fool. There’s a saying in Texas. Fool me one… well, you’ve all seen the footage.

Now to the DIY part – Get a frog. A real nasty looking one if you can. I don’t care if you go out to your local pet store and buy one or go down to the creek and grab one that’s making too much noise. Just get one.

Step 2 – Download a game that has insects running around. Apparently, there are plenty of them.

Step 3 – Put the screen in front of your frog. He’ll set loose to that wild tongue he has, with enough force to actually affect the screen and get you points in the game. If you suck at it, that’s a brilliant and lazy way to get yourself a new high score.

Problem? Yes. This gets the frog all hot and heavy for some food. By this time, even your finger is looking good, and as you’ve seen by the video, the famished toad is all too willing to take a bite out of some human flesh and nails.