The Harry Potter Movies Shortened in Illustrations

Ever felt that Harry Potter was a bit too long for you? Both in book and cinematic form? Well, some brilliant comics by Lucy Kinsey make life easier for you. The summary you always wanted for your book report – The Harry Potter experience crammed into hilarious one page comics, so far reviewing the first five books in the series.

The Philosopher’s Stone

Quick rundown of things – Harry’s life sucks, Harry gets letters, Harry gets his wand, Harry meets Ron, Harry survives the sorting hat, Harry flies, Three-Headed Dog, Troll, Quidditch, Invisibility Cloak, The Mirror, Hagrid’s Dragon, Unicorns & Centaurs, Making it through the trials, meeting and beating Voldemort.

The Chamber of Secrets

Rundown – Harry meets Dobby, Harry gets rescued by brothers in flying car, Harry meets narcissistic jerk, Flies Car into tree, the chamber of secrets is opened, gets injured in Quidditch, speaks Parseltongue, Transforms into oaf, finds out about Hagrid and Aragog, meets the Basilisk and the young Tom Riddle, frees Dobby.

The Prisoner of Azkaban

Uses magic due to anger, goes on the cool bus, meets Dementors, gets fortune told, falls at Quidditch, gets the Marauders Map, Buckbeak, conjures a Patronus, finds out about Mr. Black and Werewolves, the time travelling appears, all is good.

The Goblet of Fire

Harry dreams and sees Voldemort kill a man, Quidditch World Cup, Death Eaters, Somehow has name come out of the Goblet, Sees dragons, beats dragons, times at ball sucks, Gilly Weeds and the bottom of the lake, gets zoomed out of the hedge maze and manages to escape Voldemort, Edward from Twilight dies.

The Order of the Phoenix

Dementors, comes to the cool house, gets a trial in the ministry of magic, meets Luna and a Thestral, meets the wonderful Dolores Umbridge, begins Dark Arts defense club, starts Occlumency lessons with Snape, meets Hagrid’s lovely brother, goes to Ministry of Magic, fights Death Eaters, Sirius dies, somehow survives.