Functional 3D-printed leg: the future is now

The prosthesis seen in Deus Ex (well, augments) might not be that far off, as we’re already getting ones we can print in the comfort of our homes.


We’re pretty much against self-diagnosis, except in cases of a missing limb – not much of a chance of getting that one wrong. And if you or someone in your life needs help because prosthetic legs, for example, will cost you another limb, there is this concept by Industrial Design student William Root called Exo, which is a clever use of 3d modeling and printing come to solve your woes.

exo_3d_printed_prosthetic_leg 2

This leg is made by 3d modeling the other one (assuming the patient still has it) and using that data to create a symmetrical version to match. Although the idea of a non-professional made prosthesis might not sound all that appealing to some, the truth is this is a cheap, fast replacement done in minutes. It’s done in titanium powder by using laser sintering, and the design was chosen to reduce materials and weight at the same time, while keeping looks and functionality in mind.

exo_3d_printed_prosthetic_leg 3

The author has set up a Behance page where users can learn more about this concept. and while this is just a first draft and design flaws are not off the board, it could be the way of the future.

Via Technabob

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