Sony to release a 12-inch tablet in 2015

Sony is, according to some sources, working on a new tablet for 2015, one that would be over 12 inches in size. And that sounds just incredible for remote play with a PS4, doesn’t it?


A prototype by Sony, dubbed the Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra had been making the rounds a while ago with top of the line specs, and a monstrous 12.9 inch size. Yet, according to Digitimes from Taiwan, this is far more than a concept proof, and they suggest Sony themselves might decide to compete head on with Samsung and Apple. If any company is big enough for that, that would be Sony, right?

Rumors say this tablet would release at a premium price, above $1,000 USD, but with monster specs to match. It would sport a 12.97-inch display capable of 3,840 X 2,400 pixels resolution with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, 6GB of RAM (that’s almost as much as a PS4. or 12 PS Vitas), and all of that at mere 8.6mm wide.

While Sony themselves remain silent about this, the idea sounds exciting to say the least.

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