Incredible Fusion Art Between Heroes & Villains

I’m a sucker for pop culture mashups, so I simply couldn’t ignore the beautiful works of Frankie Perez, who tends to combine in a series he calls ‘Fusion’ heroes and villains from various genres like comic books, movies and video games.

Super Assassin

Altair & Superman

Assassin’s creed is a video game series inspired by the novel Alamut by the Slovenian writer Vladimir Bartol. Superman, well, is, exactly what his name says he is.

Loki – Hellboy

Loki & Hellboy

The Marvel version of Loki appeared for the first time in 1949, and has since gone on to do enough mischief during his reign to be considered as the 8th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time by the famous IGN ranking in 2009. Hellboy is a well-meaning demon who was summoned to earth as an infant by Nazi occultists, making his way to the allied side of things.



A combination between Venom, which is pretty much anyone the Symbiote chooses to attach itself to, and the Terminator, which is the only time Arnold Schwarzenegger made sense in a cinematic role.

Captain Joker

Captain Joker

A combination between Captain America, an ancient hero who was frozen for a very long time, found again and then killed but then it turned out he was only shit into somewhat of a different dimension, and the Joker, who is just Bat-S&^% crazy.



Big Daddy are genetically enhanced humans grafted to an armored diving suit in the Bioshock universe, while Iron Man is simply the coolest man to be a billionaire and a Superhero at the same time.

Majin Buu – Green Lantern


Green Lantern are pretty lame universal space cops, while Majin Buu s a fictional character and the final antagonist of the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama.

For more of Perez’ work, check out his gallery on Deviantart or Tumblr.

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