Futuristic Timepiece for the Future

Technology is advancing at a fast pace. Old gadgets are being replaced by newer ones. One simple gadget like a mobilephone has come to replace so many other devices. We have a phone, music system, camera, calculator, and a lot more shrunk to fit inside the mobile phone. In fact it can even tell the time, but the original time telling gadget – the watch is far from being replaced.

The watch is one device that has been with us since the time of great, great grandparents and it is not yet the time to do away with it. Every now and then we see it come before us in a new form only to tickle our senses a little more. New designs and concepts are created which only add on to its desirability factor. Time moves at the same pace but the way or telling it has seen yet another change.

The futuristic looking chrome watch is a device that appears to have come straight out of a science fiction movie. It looks like a simple looking chrome bracelet that is worn for the sake of its looks. In fact you can even see your reflection in the face. The game starts at the push of just one button. The face lights up to show a grid of several horizontal and vertical blue lines.

The lines look nice and bright but if you tell someone that you can read these lines to tell the time you might not be believed. After all it requires special eyes to do so. Rather special knowledge. This is how it is done. The grid contains three vertical lines in the center. Each line has one white dot in between squares. One line has a total of four dots making it a total of 12 on all three lines. These dots are the hours. The number of visible dots means that is the present hour. The horizontal lines have similar dots in between squares. These dots, barring the last row, represent five minute intervals. The four dots in the last row are for single minutes.

Let us give this thing a try. If we have seven dots on the vertical lines, four dots on the horizontal lines and one dot in the last row the time would be seven hours and twenty one minutes. That sounds pretty simple. It is only a matter of shaking up our grey cells a bit and brushing up our addition skills. It is smooth sailing thereafter.

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