Pixel Trash Can is Not Rubbish

If you’re sick of a boring and un-geeky garbage bin, this pixel-style trash can is the perfect solution.


The pixel trash can by Instructables user BrittLiv is a veritable work of art. It’s made out of a whole lot of plywood that has been cut, painted and assembled in the shape of a trash can icon – and as per the standards of pixel art, there are no truly round corners. What you’d expect to be a smooth cylinder is actually a jagged and pixelated box.

Pixel-Trash-Can 2

This waste basket is painted with a design that uses three shades of grey, emulating the look of the familiar trash bin desktop icon. In fact, it looks exactly what I’d imagine a trash bin icon would be if it was rendered in three dimensional space – a bit strange, as the pixel icon is already attempting to give the impression of three dimensions.

Pixel-Trash-Can 4

The pixel trash can also has a pixel-style lid to it, which is a great detail – especially since most indoor waste bins don’t have lids – but may pose some troubles as well, as the handle doesn’t look very easy to lift open. At any rate, the lid considerably improves the overall appearance of the piece, so even if it takes away from utility, it still looks great.

The major problem – and it’s hardly a problem – is that this trash can is so lovely that I’d be reluctant to actually throw trash in it! It would be more like a decorative work of art than something utilitarian – in fact, I would consider using it as a potted plant holder or a laundry hamper instead of a trash can. Or perhaps, you could instead use it as a paper recycling bin, so that it doesn’t get dirtied by garbage.

Personally, I support the pixelization of everyday life. In my ideal world, everyone would wear an 8-bit icon wristwatch and slumber in a pixel sleep mask.