Gadgets for Kids: Doodle on the Adoodle

As parents one of the best things that you can give your child in his growing years is maximum opportunity to express his creativity and further enhance upon it. It is scientifically proven that a child is better equipped to observe and grasp knowledge in his growing years and if he gets an opportunity to express himself to the maximum he is sure to grow up to be a genius in himself. Where creativity is concerned one of the best ways to enhance it in children is through the medium of drawings.

You have always seen parents getting drawing books for their little ones. Every child enjoys filling up page after page with all this imaginations. You could also gift the same joy to your child but with a little difference. Instead of a drawing book you can gift him an Adoodle Creativity Enhancer.

The Adoodle is a three dimensional drawing canvas made from intelligent materials like Graphene and artificial Spider Silk. It is not rectangular in shape hence does not restrict the child’s imagination within the geometric frame. The entire front portion is converted into a touch screen where the child is free to scribble or doodle on any area.

When not in use it comfortably goes off to sleep and has to be given a good shake to wake it up. Once awake it is all alert and ready to follow all commands of your child. The two side palettes act as color selecting and color storing areas. The stylus provided with Adoodle can be used to draw and color. After having drawn an image you can point your stylus to an object to get the color and then draw. It may appear a bit complicated initially but once used to it there would be nothing like it.

Designed by Alejandra Castelao Adoodle has come in the age of technological advancement and has its share of technology as well. It runs of wireless resonant energy transfer which makes it possible to run without battery or recharge. The child can freely take it around anywhere he wishes to within a 20 feet radius. It also has an intergrated Bluetooth transmitter that sends your child’s creativity to a cloud based memory folder every 30 minutes. From here you as a parent can easily pick up all such images and store them on your computer or uses it as required.

Allow your child to doodle on the Adoodle and watch his creativity flow like a smooth flowing river.

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