Apple Patents New Technology to Project iOS onto your Wall

Apple had just patented a new technology that will allow you to project your iOS onto a wall or other surface for screen sharing and gesture based interactions.

According to sources, the patent filing looks like it will be going after several birds with one stone. While the main purpose of the technology will be to take the small screen displays of your smart phones and other devices and enlarge them on a seperate surface through a projector, that will only the the tip of the iceberg.

While this patent covers the possibility of standard projection using either LCD, LED, lasers or what have you, the real innovation to be aware of is the cross-device sharing and connectivity that they plan on implementing.

In this case, multiple devices each projecting next to each other could be made “aware” of one another. With the proper sharing permissions, items could be dragged from one projection to the next through seamless straming. Items on one projector could be manipulated through zooming, duplicating and expanding across multiple displays.

Projectors will also be able to be combined together to display images larger than they normally would.

Users will be able to interact with these projections either through the device itself, using its on touch screens and other controls, or by using gestures and hand motions aimed at the projections.

This patent looks astounding if it ever manages to make it through development. At the moment, it is nothing more than a patent and an idea, but at least Apple is known for pushing th boundaries of innovation. Hopefully there will be more on this in the months to come.

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