Team Fortress 2 Characters Remade with LEGOs

Team Fortress 2 has a surprising amount of personality for a first-person shooter, and these LEGO figures only add to that factor. The game features nine different classes, most of which have been fleshed out in some way; Valve has produced short online comics, animated introduction videos, and more to give each of the classes a distinct attitude and personality. It’s no doubt because of this that we’ve also seen countless fan-made works based on the game, ranging from cosplay to videos to drawn artwork. However, artist Matt De Lanoy decided to reconstruct the characters using LEGO bricks, something which turned out far more incredible than you might think.

Team Fortress 2 LEGO Figures

Rather than modifying minifigs or creating large versions like this LEGO Batman, these figures are quite small in scale. It would appear as if they’re about as small as they could be to still contain all the fun little details and designs that make the characters so recognizable. Not only are the characters fantastic, the weapons have also been designed along with them. The Sniper’s rifle, Heavy’s minigun, and Demoman’s grenade launcher are all simple in design and yet incredibly accurate for how small they are. This can be said for the characters themselves, of course, with some interesting choices used to make the Medic’s lab coat and the Pyro’s gas mask. One of the other key elements of the Team Fortress 2 character designs is the posture.

When designing the characters, Valve wanted them to be identifiable from a distance, so each one has a distinctive silhouette. These figures appear to do so just as well, with the Scout striking a wide-legged and slightly-crouched batter’s pose and the Spy maintaining perfect, straight posture. The attention to detail is just fantastic, so make sure to check out his gallery for more.