Top Ten Game of Thrones Gadgets

Game of Thrones is an insanely popular television show. Everyone watches it. If it is one of your favorite shows, now you can own something in your home that reminds you of its greatness!Who doesn’t love Game of Thrones? Seriously, it is one of the best shows currently on television. Bad news is that we have to wait until the end of March for Season 3. But that shouldn’t stop us from looking cool Game of Throne gadgets to keep ourselves occupied!

Sigil Themed Soap


Hygiene is coming. Now you can smell like Baratheon or Lannister with one of these house sigil soaps. Each smell is closely associated with the house. For example, Stark’s scent is called “Betrayal” and features a combination of eucalyptus, cedar, pine, and a little bit of campfire. And before you ask, no, there is no GreyJoy sigil soap because no one wants to walk around smelling of seaweed and salt water.

Phone  and Laptop Skins

stark phone cover

Get a phone skin that matches the house you like the most, whether it be Targaryen or Lannister, Stark or Baratheon. You will show everyone your love of Game of Thrones in a fun way.

House Sigil Shot Glasses

sigil shot glasses

If you want to be the ruler of all of Westeros, you can only do it with all 12 Sigil shot glasses. You will be sitting on the iron throne as you drink to your favorite house. These are perfect for Game of Thrones viewing parties.

Westeros Mousepad

westeros mousepad

Taken right from the Game of Thrones, the map of Westeros shows all the houses that are fighting to gain the title of ruler of the land. All seven kingdoms are shown.

Life Size Iron Throne


Want to be the ruler of Westeros? Well, now you can if you have the Iron Throne! You can sit in it and watch the latest season. And while Aegon I Targaryen did not make this one real swords, an artist did make this one using fiberglass and resin.  You can own this throne if you have $30,000 lying around somewhere.

Iron Throne Phone Dock

iron throne phone charger

Okay, so maybe you cannot front the money for your own personal Iron Throne, but you can probably easily afford one for your smartphone. This Iron Throne phone dock can sit on your desk and show off your phone as king of the land.

Direwolf Bookends


Looking for an interesting way to show off your Game of Throne books, why not give these bookends a try?

House Sigil Beer Stickers


While drinking your beer while watching Game of Thrones, show off your favorite house.

Coaster Set of Four Sigils


This set of coasters comes with the house sigils of Targaryen, Stark, Lannister, and Baratheon. It is a great coaster to put your sigil-beer on.

Fire and Blood Perfume


If you have been following Daenerys throughout her journey, this fragrance is for you. This scent is perfect for any woman who wants to be a Khaleesi. It even comes in a dragon egg shaped bottle!