17 Lord of the Rings Pick Up Lines for Valentine’s Day

If Valentine’s day is approaching and you still don’t have a date to spend your money on, you better stop playing video games like LOTR online (I’m kinda addicted), and pay more attention to your pickup skills.

How? Well, Lord of the Rings is loved by all… I think, so using a line, even a dirty one (and there are plenty of them) referencing to the greatest fantasy trilogy of all time should definitely get you a date in the short time you have to work this magic.

You shall not pass

#1 – You shall not pass… without giving me these digits.
#2 – I wanna go inside your Hobbit hole.
#3 – The fires of Mount Doom aren’t nearly as hot as you are.
#4 – Baby, I’ll make you scream like a Nazgul.
#5 – Are you the ring? Cause I’ve got my eye on you.

Mount Doom

#6 – I erupt like mount doom for you, baby.
#7 – I’d like to have an inn at your prancing pony.
#8 – Are you an Orc? Cause baby, you’re making my sting glow.
#9 – Honey, you’re like a Balrog… smoking hot.


#10 – I’ll take your hobbit to my Isengard.
#11 – Hey baby, wanna blow my horn of Gondor?
#12 – Your beauty has pierced my heart like a Morgul Blade.
#13 – Was your ass forged by Sauron? Cause that shit looks precious.
#14 – A day may come when the swagger of all men will fail… but it is not this day, girl.

The Two Towers

#15 – I’d love to explore your two towers.
#16 – if I speak friend, can I enter?
#17 – You’re the one babe to rule them all.
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