5 Fantastic Game of Thrones Hoodies

Just like the Starks like to remind us, Winter is Coming, and you should be getting ready for the cold – while also adding a geeky flair to it. Show your allegiance and name your true king while also looking fantastic, and get ready for the night is dark and full of terrors.



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House Stark hoodie

Of course we were going to start this list showing a design based on the wolves of Winterfell, everyone’s favorite noble House and former Kings in the North. Despite the tragedy of the series and the bleak colors anyone can see they’re one of the most popular houses, and they sport a nice gamma of colors we actually wouldn’t mind wearing. It’s currently on sale for $40 USD.

House Targaryen hoodie

Guys want her, girls want to be her, and even people outside the binary spectre still think she’s the coolest. Everyone loves the Khaleesi, and you can start rallying her supporters to take King’s Lading once she finally gets to Westeros (because she’s coming, right? Is she?) with this fantastic red and black hoodie. It’s currently on sale for just under $38 USD.

House Lannister hoodie

We know what you’re thinking. “No way gold and red look good in a hoodie”. Well lo and behold. We were just as surprised as you are at how cool Tywin Lannister’s colors look in this design.Wearing this might get you some bad looks at first, but eventually everyone will learn about what a great guy/girl you are and were all along. This hoodie is way cheaper than the rest, and hovers at barely above $24 USD.

Night’s Watch hoodie

There’s something about guys that dress in black. With this black hoodie you can join the ranks of Jon Snow, Sam Tarly, and all the men that form the first line of defense against the misterious beings only known as “the others”, their wights, and horse-sized spider mounts. Freaky stuff, really. This hoodie costs some $67.11 USD.

House Baratheon hoodie

We still miss King Robert, the guy who rid the land of the scourge that was Aerys Targaryen. Honor the fallen king with this beautiful yellow hoodie featuring the Baratheon stag, it’s not that expensive at $49.99 USD.

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