Best ‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel Ideas for TV or Film

The Game of Thrones TV show is part of the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ Universe, although differing from it in more than one way. However, as good as it is, it can’t go on forever. The books will end as well at some point. Yet the fans want to see more.

There’s plenty of history to this world or universe created by George R.R. Martin. Just like ‘The Lord of the Rings’, there’s a lot more to this than just the “main quest”. Spin-offs and prequels can be made a’plenty, and there are quite a few ideas that can generate huge hits in both the movie theaters or on TV screens.

Robert’s Rebellion

Robert on Pyke

Art by Lensar

The books and the TV show begin 15 years after Robert usurped the Iron Throne from the last Targaryen. The events of his rebellion which took place over several years and split the kingdom into loyalists and rebels are constantly referred to in both mediums, obviously described in more detail in the books.

Beginning with Rhaegar abducting Lyanna Stark (or was it in consent???) and ending with Robert sitting on the Iron Throne through dubious means, there’s plenty of action and underlying themes to the whole epic event, which can be extended by going a few years into the future when Ned & Robert quelled the rebellion of the Greyjoys.

Dunk & Egg

Dunk & Egg

Art by toniet1234

The story of Dunk & Egg is spread out over several novellas, not all of them released. It tells of a squire who finds himself without a knight who meets up with boy who turns out to be a Targaryen prince, Aegon. Together they travel Westeros. We know how it ends for both of them (not well), but what happens until that tragic ending is fantastic to read, plus it gives everyone an excellent sense of Westeros before the days of Robert’s Rebellion. The first story begins 90 years before the moment the show picks up ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ and each Novella (there have been three so far) would make for a perfect 3-episode mini series or long film.

The Princess and the Queen

Aegon & Rhaenyra

The Princess and the Queen is a Novella that covers most of the events of the Dance of the Dragons. No, this isn’t the name of the fifth novel in the series, but referring to a war between brother and sister, Aegon II Targaryen and Rhaenyra Targaryen, which tore the kingdom apart and killed most of the dragons before they completely disappeared.

The novella covers two of the two and half years that this civil war (occurring 160 years before the beginning of the show), and it’s hard to see it happening on HBO because of the huge CGI budget needed for the dragons, who feature in almost every battle.

But if there’s an action film to be made out of the stories in this universe that involves both armies battling and dragons going head to head, nothing beats this event.

Blackfyre Rebellion

Daemon Blackfyre

Every event gets the chains moving to set up another big one. After the Dance of Dragons was over, another Civil War had to happen. It occurred more than 60 years later, but in ‘The World of Ice and Fire’, a book about the incomplete history of the ASOIAF universe, it’s evident that it all stems from there.

In short, it’s another succession battle between Targaryens, this time a legitimate son and a legitimized bastard which ones again pulls the Seven Kingdoms into turmoil. There are hardly any mentions to this one in the show but the books and especially the Novellas, happening shortly after the conclusion of the rebellion (the first of them) touch upon it a lot more.

Because of the scope and span, this could be made into a series, even more than one season. It can span the years leading up to the Rebellion, or connect with a Dunk & Egg show that comes after. It’s probably too big for just one film to cover. It doesn’t have dragons (all dead by now) so HBO can produce it.

History of Tywin Lannister

Tywin Lannister


Art by RedSaucers

One man looms larger than life and that is Tywin Lannister. If you’re following the show, you know he dies an awfully terrible one (not that there’s a good death in Game of Thrones or in life) but probably the most powerful man in the kingdom without actually being king, his life and rise to power, which includes lifting his house to the top of the Westerosi food chain could make for an excellent series which includes action and politics, beginning with him taking the place of his dead father and bringing back honor to his house, his way of dealing with rebellious lords and his disgusting part (allegedly) in Robert’s rebellion.

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