18 Must-Have Geeky T-Shirts

The t-shirt, an inextricable part of the geek wardrobe. These models are made for geeks who can see the fun in what they love the most. If you wear these, get ready to be stopped by everyone in public so they can tell you how great these are. This is a collection of some of our favorite t-shirts, which strike just the right balance between geeky, funny, and affordable. We hope you enjoy these!

Harry Potter shirt

Gaming Shirts

Mega Man Running and Gunning T-Shirt

Of course the Blue Bomber, Capcom’s most well-known character (sorry Resident Evil guys) was going to star a few shirts of his own. We’re partial to this one, both classic and classy, featuring the beautiful pixel art we remember from way back when. It can be yours for as little as $10 dollars.

Classically Trained Controller Shirt

Wait, what did you think “classically trained” referred to? This throwback to the glory days of the NES and the late 80s is perfect for those of us that believe Castlevania, Mario and Contra were at their best when they were the simplest. This one costs as little as $9.95.

Glorious PC Gaming Master Race T Shirt

“Less than 60 FPS? What are you, a peasant?” We know it’s pretentious, we still think it’s hilarious. These shirts might not make you the most popular guy out there, but it is sure to make people in the know laugh. It’s currently on sale for $23.89.

Link’s Lawn Service Women’s T-Shirt Gaming Retro Funny Zelda Tee

This one is for the ladies in the room, but there’s also a version for men. We might remember Link for epic feats such as traveling through time or stopping the moon from falling, but the truth is a huge portion of any Legend of Zelda video game is spent mowing the lawn, sword in hand – and that makes this shirt hilarious and so on point. Get it for as little as $9.95.

Star Wars Shirts

Casual Friday Star Wars Shirt

Even Storm Troopers need to relax! Especially if your boss is a high-stress type of guy such as, y’know, the Emperor, Dark Lord of the Sith Palpatine. This shirt is ideal for casual friday at the office, and you can buy it for $11.50.

The Imperial March Star Wars T-Shirt

A fantastic option for geeks of all type, but especially for the musically inclined, the shirt has artwork taken straight from one of the early Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope scenes along with the notes to the iconic Imperial March. It even features lyrics, man. You can buy it for $12.05.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron T-Shirt

What side are you on? If you’re sick of the tyranny of the Empire and would rather join the rebels to take it down once and for all, show it with this Rebel Alliance T-shirt that costs $11.99.

Harry Potter Shirts

I solemnly swear I am up to no good shirt

This shirt is a cute throwback to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and has the words one must recite to turn the white parchment into a live map of Hogwarts. You can buy this shirt for as little as $22.50.

Harry Potter Hogwart’s Crest

School pride, everyone! Wear this shirt even in the company of muggles. And don’t worry if your acceptance letter isn’t here yet. We’re sure it will. You are a wizard, we just know it. Buy this shirt for $13.99.

Harry Potter Gryffindor t-shirt

All those internet tests to see which house you belong to are silly. No one wants to be Slytherin or Hufflepuff. Show your true colors with this Gryffindor t-shirt, and never mind what a silly hat thinks. These shirts cost $15.96 and upwards.

Math Geek Shirts

I Love Math Formula STEM Geek Nerd Ladies

Here’s a geeky shirt for the ladies of the math department. We know you’re not many, but we acknowledge you and know there will be more. Flaunt your love for math with this formula printed on the shirt. This shirt can be yours for some $20.49.

10 Kinds of People Binary Shirt

We don’t want to be pretentious, but if we have to explain this shirt, this shirt is not for you. Rock the computer sciences department with this clever design that costs as little as $14.99.

Be Rational and Get Real Math Shirt

Another fantastic idea for the math department. Those with the bare minimum math background are guaranteed to crack a smile at this. This shirt is currently on sale for $7.95.

Geeky Maternity Shirts

Baby Krang geek maternity shirt

We still find hard to believe sometimes, that some of us that grew up with the original Ninja Turtles already not only have kids but even more than one of them. If you remember Krang as fondly as we do, despite the fact that he was actually evil, you can get this shirt for $29.97.

Extra Baby Life: Maternity Cotton T-Shirt

The more, the merrier. Mario is already a classic the size of Mickey and other timeless icons, so this shirt will really require no explanation at all. It can be yours for some $28.99.

The Force Is Strong With This One

Yes, your baby might be the most powerful Jedi this side of the galaxy. We would know, we counted his midichlorians. This is the perfect shirt for geeky moms to wear the night Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. This cute shirt costs $24.99.

Science T-Shirts

Noble Gases t-shirt

helium (He), neon (Ne), argon (Ar), krypton (Kr), xenon (Xe) and radon (Rn) are different from other gasses. You might even say they’re a class above, the aristocracy among chemical elements, literally noble gases. And that’s why they should dress accordingly as in this t-shirt. Each one costs as little as $18.99.

Never Trust an Atom They Make Up Everything T-Shirt

The concept is fantastic. Atoms truly DO make up everything, and if we were to get into quantum physics, even, everything sounds like absolute gibberish to untrained ears. You can buy this shirt for $10.99.

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