15 Incredible Game of Thrones Maps

There’s nothing like diving deeper and deeper into your Fantasy obsession, and it’s not different with the world of A Song of Ice and Fire, or what’s commonly known now as Game of Thrones. Character histories and other such things unfold before us on the television show, but to get a real sense of where you are and what you’re dealing with, here are 15 fantastic maps of places revealed and some that are only known to those who have read the books.

Credit goes to Other-in-Law, who has had his account page suddenly disappear, but I’m sure he’s out there, working on more of these.

Ah, Pentos. Where wealth equals power, and a prince rules over a city, but he’s ruled by the spice traders, among them fat and charming Illryo Mopatis.

The Trident

Blue, Red and Green Forks turn into the massive trident before it spills into the bay of crabs. It’s what makes the Riverlands such a wonderful place.


The richest city on Essos, the best thing about it is the Qartheen dress code for women, who have to bear one breast while walking around. Won’t be happening on the TV show, unfortunately.


The biggest city in the Westerlands and home to many Lannisters of all branches, high and low. Tyrion has probably been with half the whores in the city.

King’s Landing

The biggest city in Westeros, but also one of the foulest and dirtiest in the known world.

Iron Islands

Home to the delusional Ironborn, rules by even more delusional House Greyjoy.

North of the Wall

White Walkers (Others) and Wights, among other weirder and less weird things.

Dragonstone & The Narrow Sea

Where the Targaryens lived before they got bored and conquered Westeros.


The Mediterranean of Westeros.


One of the Slaver’s Bay cities, Ataspor is all Red Bricks and where they make Unsullied.

Vaes Dothrak

Where Dothraki got to rest after they’ve killed and pillaged.


The oldest city in Westeros, where Maesters are trained.


The wealthiest and most powerful of the free cities. You don’t mess with the Iron Bank.

The Vale

Maybe the most beautiful kingdom, or former kingdom, in all of Westeros.

The World of A Song of Ice and Fire

Putting it all in perspective.